thedarkredtardis: Does it bug you when fans try to combine things with maximum ride that just don't fit? I mean, I'm a whoovian and love max and the flock, but I would never try to write some crossover fanfiction or something! Idk, it may just be me... What do you think?

yeah i find most of the crossovers weird and i’ve never really been a fan of them. mostly because a lot of times they don’t make sense to me?? for example, the percy jackson, harry potter, and hunger games crossovers??? 

I will never not be mad about how the Maximum Ride series turned out. It will never be okay. Like seriously, don’t even mention it to me. I may look calm, but I am still very upset about this whole thing. Do not get me started. I cannot handle the emotions.

I think that the ending was too predictable.

I despised Dylan right from the start. He was a creepy, clingy, obsessive little brat. I was so disappointed when he wasn’t killed off at the end.

People say i look like max and that i could play the part

I prefer the original titles (waterwings, the sky is falling) and I wish he hadn’t started titling the books with the characters names.

Total was one of the most useless characters I have ever had to come across.

I thought we were getting a MOVIE!! I want a fandom already!!

Honestly, I hate how everyone wants Avan Jogia to be Fang. 1. Avan is like 20 and Fang is 14. 2. I (for some reason) always pictured Fang as Logan Lerman after I saw him in Lightning Theif.

I think if the rest of the books were more like the first 3 books, the series would have taken off and would have a bigger fandom. It got too mushy.