Maximum Ride Confessions
cheesy-grande:  I guess the fact that I ship Fudge (fang/nudge) is revolting to you. I mean based upon your niggy comment

nah man i don’t really care what people ship. i personally ship fax and niggy. also, i don’t know what comment your talking about but it was probably a confession and not my own opinion. 

the first book was great sci-fi. But then after that every book got sillier until the 5th book when I couldn’t take it anymore and stopped reading

So is that IT? Whatever happened to Kate and Star? (Don’t get me wrong, I hate them for betraying the gang, but heck, did they just pop like little bubbles to who-knows-where?) And what about Ratcher and Holden? They’ve done nothing but help Fang, and now they’re just thrown like garbage? So… Technically Max DIDN’T save the world? This was just a whole series for Save The World Awareness Thingy? I’m sorry, I love James Patterson, but I got quite frustrated with how Nevermore turned out.

I’m sorry, but I find the Nudge/Iggy shipping unattractive. Nudge is two years younger than Iggy and they have absolutely nothing in common. I prefer her with Gazzy.

faunacorona:  Hey, who do you think would best fit the roles if the flock in the movie? And what color do you think Iggy's wings are? Because I think they're silver/grey.

I think my dream Max would probably be Madison McLaughlin and I don’t really have an opinion on the rest of the flock. I have a few actors that I think look like Fang, Iggy, Angel, and Gazzy but now, they’re all too old for the roles. I think Madison would be an amazing Max though. Also, I always pictured Iggy’s wings like a pale yellow or a light light gold.

iamaweirdoandiamproud:  Do you know if they are making a maximum ride movie? And if so who is playing the flock?

Yes, there is the possibility of a Maximum Ride movie! I don’t remember what company has the rights to the movie adaption of the book though. I remember hearing a movie was supposed to be released in like 2012; but now in 2013, there is no one casted in any role. Does anyone has anything else to add? My information might be a bit wrong. 

Nudge was super powerful but it was never really cared about because of that Max-Dylan-Fang love triangle. Why James?

James got caught up in the current media with all of the love triangles in books like Twilight and The Hunger Games and the economy “go green” stuff and that’s how he messed up the books. I wish he would’ve stayed caught up in the world of Maximum Ride and not the media.

ileftmytardisinthemortuary:  Everyone seems to think that Max has blonde hair, but in that one part about the 'unbarfed chocolate', she said she has brown hair and brown eyes. I think her hair is brown. you?

While reading I always kinda picture Max with like dirty blonde hair but if the movie ever happens I really hope she’d be brunette or a really dirty blonde but idk. Anyone else have any opinions?

"Forever and Ever by He is We fits Fax(Fang/Max) perfectly."